My Lingo, Your Lingo, Our Lingo Matters!

Per urban dictionary, lingo means; An individuals dictionary, and quite honestly I've always felt like if you can't understand "The Lingo" then you need to work on your vocabulary. In a world that tells us to remain quiet yet keeps us distracted ALL the time, The Lingo Chicago is more important now than ever. With its catchy motto "Talk More. Be Social" The Lingo emphasizes how important it is for us to make connecting with other human beings a priority. In a city like Chicago that's very much segregated with the way it's neighborhoods are structured this can seem like an impossible task at times but with intentionality, it can be done effectively. Since 2015 The Lingo Chicago has created a formula or blueprint if you will that has continued to connect people through art and music. What is this formula you speak about? Well it's quite simple... EVERY human being on this earth possesses some form of artistry that uniquely describes who they are. In other words my lingo, your lingo, our lingo matters, it ALL MATTERS. The Lingo creatively produces content in the form of a Pop-Up event that allows people to embrace those different forms of artistry, whether that's a person who sings, raps, does spoken word, or paints pictures. The idea behind the pop-ups is for The Lingo to leave its print on every neighborhood in Chicago and gradually the world. These pop up events attract people from all over the city to one specific venue and the talking begins. On February 15th "My Heart Beats Rhythm & Blues" an event that took place in North Lawndale at "The Plenitud House" was the latest example of how important the work is The Lingo does. The lineup for the showcase included spoken word artists Cotorey Seals and Jasmine Sims who bought an unforgettable vibe and performance to the event with their words. Singers Ember Nicolle and Vanessa Imani who serenaded this intimate space and kept our focus on nobody but them with their unique voices, it was simply amazing. The headliner was B.Lilly who performed with his band and literally bought the house down. We were even able to fit a vendor in the space as well which was so important because they created the ambiance from the start with their (BTru) candles. As amazing as the show was the highlight of it all were the people in attendance. People from different walks of life, people who all possessed a lingo that somehow, someway by the end of the night we all knew about it. In summary if the world we lived in embraced people more for who they are and not for what they look like there would be so many more meaningful conversations, much less hate, and so much LOVE.

My Lingo, Your Lingo, Our Lingo matters... It ALL MATTERS



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